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Living In A New World

Welcome again to my blog! My name is Shawn Merchant and I hope you enjoy my final post of my blog series. Since the second post, I feel that I have been able to get close to reaching my final goals. I am now able to read nonfiction books with ease at a fast pace (about as fast as I finish fiction books) and have gained full control over this genre. These books are much less of a challenge to me now and are becoming more of a routine during reading sessions. My reading time is now consistently at an hour on most days and sometimes even more now. The frequency of my reading is very consistent and at a relatively quick pace. It has increased to about 135 pages in a day and I think that this is a sufficient to allow me to reach my goal of reading 15 books. I continue to make all attempts to challenge myself by going outside of the box and reading new genres such as autobiographies, science fiction, and a large amount of nonfiction books. I have heard a little bit more about dystopian fict…
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Wound Up In the Text

Hey it's Shawn Merchant and I am ready to update you on some progress that I have made since my last post. I am definitely starting to get a hold on the nonfiction books more and with a couple of them under my belt, I am starting to quicken the pace at which I read them. They are still a little bit of a challenge for me as I don't get through them as fast as I do fiction books, but I am starting to become more acquainted with the genre. I am fitting more time now (about 45 minutes to an hour) to read into my schedule and am doing even better than I was before. I am getting more pages read in a day than I normally would and am even reading a little bit faster on my fiction books now as I have been reading more frequently. To give you some numbers, I am reading about 125-130 pages in a day, which is a little more than I was reading before. I am going to increase my reading goal to fifteen books before school ends because I feel that I have to challenge myself sometimes to keep …

All About Shawn's Reading

My name is Shawn Merchant and I am a sophomore at Hebron High School. I have many hobbies including singing, playing sports like tennis, basketball, table tennis, and soccer, writing poems, exercising, and (this one should be obvious) reading of course. I focus almost all of my day towards studies for school and normally don't have much time for myself, but I always try to find time to fit reading into my schedule.

 I personally enjoy reading books that have an underlying journey for the characters through the books and normally prefer to read young adult/dystopian fiction. This genre really appeals to me as it has many exciting plot twists with suspense, action, mystery, and a hint of romance. I believe that these qualities define this genre well and helps me have a better connection to other books that I may encounter. My goal for the amount of books I want to read this semester is 12. I try to gradually increase this goal every year and always strive to read more than i previou…